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Video Marketing

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Video Marketing is becoming essential in the Advertising and Marketing of your business. Online video is growing at an alarming rate because busy consumers find it less demanding to use than traditional website content.

Web video is dominating the internet and is being shared across all social platforms such as Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. There is no better way to present emotional content - it is engaging and effective. By communicating on multiple levels, viewers absorb your message within seconds.

Product demo videos are a great way to showcase your company, service or product and should be a priority in your digital marketing strategy. Website videos can help you with branding, increase sales or simply explain your product.

With millions of South African consumers visiting the internet daily, web videos are becoming a crucial part of online marketing. Online video is playing an important part in many companies advertising and promotions strategies.

Video marketing is the future of online branding. Learning how to plan for your next video, finding topics, scripting, filming, editing and distributing your videos is crucial in moving forward with your digital strategy.

Over the next couple of months, I will share my journey and discoveries as I dive into the world of Video Marketing. There is so much more to Video Marketing than just making videos. They have to be engaging and make the viewer want more. When you upload your videos it is important to recognize that you need to do much more than just upload. You need good SEO text, Keyword rich titles and a Thumbnail that make viewers want to click and watch. YouTube no longer looks at views as a measurement of how your videos are doing, they want to see that your audience is engaged and are getting the content they are looking for. 

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